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Gaspé Literary Arts Festival "Between Words and Tides"

The libraries of the City of Gaspé, with the invaluable collaboration of organizations and local cultural actors, are pleased to invite the population to the very first programming of the Gaspé Literary Arts Festival "Between Words and Tides" which will take place from April 21 to 24, 2022. This event, which is carried out as part of World Book and Copyright Day, is intended to be recurring and evolving. The first edition offers the population literary activities on the theme of promoting our cultural identity and our territory – whether geographical, physical or imaginary.

Event " Library outside the walls »

The libraries of the City of Gaspé want to promote initiation and discovery activities in terms of reading: through various mediums, they arouse an interest in words in all their forms. In fact, the actions of a municipal library tend to radiate beyond its walls. It is notably by creating bridges with local organizations and events that it is reinventing itself. For many, moreover, the book has been of precious help over the past two years: it has made it possible to fight isolation, to travel and to nourish creativity. The objective of this event is to encourage the mobilization of stakeholders, authors, artists and members of the public in order to celebrate the literary arts and highlight their positive impact on the community.

A colorful program that reflects our beautiful territory

Thanks to the collaboration of cultural organizations and various local personalities, this edition offers the adult population, French-speaking and English-speaking, a range of activities that meet the interests of a varied public. Indeed, the participants will have the chance to hear slam, poetry, travel stories or to experience writing workshops and the creation of fanzines (creative notebooks). The complete program as well as the biography of the speakers, authors and local artists are available by consulting the following link: https://ville.gaspe.qc.ca/services-municipaux/loisirs-et-culture/bibliotheques

The logo of this festival reminds us of the importance of the link with our origins and our territory. The emblem chosen is the rosebush of the “Hansa” variety, which grows massively on the banks of the Gaspé tip. Like a tenacious idea, this plant stubbornly anchors itself in our landscape; wild, beautiful and resistant like a poem, it propagates by ramifications and ensures the stability of the ground. Its flower beds remind us that even if sometimes the world seems to slip away under our feet, it is enough to take root to avoid erosion.

Partners essential to the success of this event

Remember that the objective of this project is not only to arouse and maintain the public's interest in reading, but also to allow discussion and exchange between readers, cultural stakeholders , local authors and artists. This event is possible thanks to the invaluable contribution of all the partners involved, but also with the help of the financial support of the Cultural Development Agreement between the MRC La Côte-de-Gaspé, the City of Gaspé and the Ministry of Culture and Communications. This agreement allows the partners to plan the cultural development of their community through various actions and to fund them.