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Gaspé, November 29, 2022 – The City of Gaspé is announcing major changes at the head of its administrative organization. Thus, it announces the appointment of Jocelyn Villeneuve as General Manager. He will thus succeed Sébastien Fournier, who will now become Deputy Managing Director. The current Treasurer, Director of Administrative and Airport Services, Dave Ste-Croix, will also become Deputy Director General while retaining his current duties. In addition, the City also announces that it will soon be staffing a position dedicated exclusively to communications.

“Gaspé is experiencing an unprecedented wave of development, requiring certain adjustments to better support this growth. These changes occur following the departure of the Director of Communications and Strategic Files, as well as the recent work stoppage of the current Director General, thereby encouraging personal and professional reflection on the rest of his career. The Board also wanted to strengthen external communications by hiring a full-time person and also had internal talent that it wanted to maximize. This is how these major changes have become unavoidable in my eyes and in the eyes of Council,” summarizes Mayor Daniel Côté.

General director : Mr. Jocelyn Villeneuve is a professional planner. He holds a master's degree in regional development and a DESS (2e cycle) in regional public administration. After various positions in the regions of Quebec, he was Director of Urban Planning, Development and Environment for the City of Gaspé for 14 years; through this mandate, he acted as interim general manager of the city in 2010 and as director of public works between 2013 and 2015. For the past 5 years, he has been general manager of the MRC de Rivière-du-Loup. His knowledge of Gaspé, his extensive experience in the municipal sector, his experience as general manager and his development vision are all assets that make him the best person to take over. He receives the full confidence of the City Council.

Deputy General Director : Mr. Sébastien Fournier is a notary by profession. City Clerk from 2005 to 2006, Director of Legal Services and City Clerk from 2007 to 2010, then General Manager for the past 12 years, he has worked countless hours and is always ready to get involved to move his city forward, but to a different degree. Recent health problems have led him to this reflection and the City Council has chosen to offer him an important position allowing him to achieve this dual objective. He is recognized for his unparalleled rigor and he will be able to continue to make the organization benefit from his qualities that complement those of Mr. Villeneuve.

Deputy General Director : Mr. Dave Ste-Croix is ​​an accountant by profession. He has been Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services for the City of Gaspé since 2003. To these responsibilities was added the management of the Airport in 2010. He acted as interim general manager in 2010 as well as this summer, during of Mr. Fournier's work stoppage. He showed great interest and skills to take on more responsibilities within the organization. He is recognized for his great rigor in the management of finances and the various files for which he has been responsible; the many investments of recent years at the airport are the result of his leadership and the team he directs.

Communications: Finally, the City Council wishes to integrate a resource exclusively devoted to communications, a position that will be filled in the coming weeks after a call for applications. In the era of social networks and technological revolutions, in a context where the notoriety of Gaspé has grown, hiring a person dedicated to communications will be a plus for services to citizens.

“Such organizational changes are the result of intense reflection. On the board, we are eager to support the new wave of development that is happening at home. To achieve this, we need to unite people who are competent and capable of propelling the development of Gaspé to another level. This is why we have made these changes which, we strongly believe, will make it possible to support the major projects underway and those that await us to improve the living environment of citizens, particularly in residential, commercial and industrial developments, in infrastructure for sports, recreation, culture, water management, and so on,” says Daniel Côté.

“I sincerely congratulate Mr. Villeneuve for having chosen to return to Gaspé to henceforth lead the City there. I would also like to thank Mr. Fournier for the leadership he has demonstrated over the past 12 years as general manager; our tandem has propelled Gaspé to unparalleled growth. I also salute his great resilience and his willingness to continue working with us despite the health issues that bothered him. I also thank Mr. Ste-Croix for his excellent leadership, for his interest in assuming more responsibilities, and I congratulate him for having accepted to complete this trio worthy of the major lines. The management and development of Gaspé are in good hands,” concludes Mayor Daniel Côté.

Note that these changes will come into effect next February.

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Information and interviews: Daniel Côté, Mayor

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