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Snow removal from Harbor Harbor parking lot and municipal streets

The City of Gaspé wants to educate the drivers of Gaspé and users of municipal parking in the Harbor Street area by reminding them that signage is installed and indicates the hours and days during which it is prohibited to park in the either section of the parking lot. The purpose of these signs and this prohibition is to facilitate snow removal from the parking lot and to offer the maximum possible space to workers and citizens wishing to park in the municipal parking lot on Harbor Street.

The City of Gaspé also asks motorists not to leave their car parked overnight on the streets of the municipality during the winter, always with the aim of ensuring efficient and safe snow removal from roadways.

The City of Gaspé recalls that a by-law governing parking on Harbor Street and parking in the streets of the municipality provides that fines may be granted in the event of non-compliance with the regulations in force.

The City of Gaspé thanks you for your collaboration.