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Payment of invoices and taxes

The City of Gaspé offers you the possibility of paying your tax account in four (4) equal installments when the total amount of property taxes exceeds $ 300.

Payments must be made on the following dates:

  • 1st payment payable thirty days after the date on which the account is sent (March 30) 
  • 2nd installment payable sixty (60) days after the date on which the first installment is due (May 29) 
  • 3rd installment payable sixty (60) days after the date on which the second installment is due (July 28) 
  • 4th installment payable sixty (60) days after the date on which the third installment is due (September 26)

You can make your payments at most financial institutions through an ATM, directly at the counter or over the Internet.

Also, any municipal tax bill can be paid by mail or directly at the town hall. In addition, we accept post-dated checks and offer you the debit card payment service. Please note that credit card payments are not accepted.

You can also insert your check in an envelope and deposit it, at any time, in the mailbox provided for this purpose outside of the town hall (front door).

Following the cadastral renovation, certain properties have been assigned new serial numbers.

So, if you are making your tax payment to a financial institution or over the Internet, it is important to indicate the personnel number that appears on your tax account, in order to avoid errors in your file.

If you have more than one property, be sure to include the personnel numbers pertaining to each record.

The City of Gaspé has made agreements with most financial institutions to allow taxpayers to pay their taxes online. 

Municipal taxes

The reference number to be used is the one appearing in the box of your tax account entitled "Matricule" (starting with an F). You must enter it without letter, dash, or space. This reference number consists of a fixed number of 16 digits (write all the numbers, even the zeros / do not write a letter).

Ex: 1234567890000000 


The reference number to use is the one appearing in the box of your invoice entitled "Identification code" (starting with a D). You must enter it without letter, dash, or space. This reference number consists of a fixed number of 16 digits (write all the numbers, even the zeros / do not write a letter).

Ex: 1111000000000000 

LET invoices (technical landfill)

It is not possible to pay LET invoices via the Internet. Only payments at the counter or by check are accepted. The latter must be made to the order of: Régie intermunicipale de treating residual materials of Gaspésie. 

The City of Gaspé offers taxpayers an automated collection service for its 4 tax payments. By simple authorization, an automatic withdrawal from the account makes it possible to pay the taxes on the four (4) due dates. No fees are required.

For taxpayers interested in registering for this program, simply complete the Tax-O-Matic Form below and return it to the City with a copy of your tax account and a check marked CANCELED.

To obtain a copy of your tax bill, you can request it at the city hall collection counter or by mail, and pay the required $ 10 fees. Please note that for mailing, you must include payment with your request. (Regulation # 1252-14)

In the event of late payment, interest at the rate fixed by the municipal council is applicable on each of the due dates indicated on the account. The interest rate is set at 13% and is applicable to any amount due to the City of Gaspé.

Remember that school taxes are payable to the Commission scolaire des Chic-Chocs 418 368-3499 and to the Commission scolaire Eastern Shores school (anglophone sector) 418 368-3782.

Note that to claim a property tax refund when declaring your income, you must attach a copy of your tax account to it.

If you acquire a building during the year, please note that you will not receive a new tax account in your name. The municipal tax bill is a document produced at the beginning of the year and it remains in force throughout the year. Therefore, municipal taxes are attached to the building and not to the owners.

The adjustment of municipal taxes for the current year between the seller and the buyer will therefore be made to the notary at the time of the transaction.

In addition to the annual tax account which is sent at the start of the year, it is possible that you will receive one or more additional accounts for the current year and / or for the previous year during the year.

This or these additional accounts follow the issue of one or more appraiser's certificates to adjust the appraisal of your property for construction and / or renovation works or any other act having an influence on the value of your property. The receipt of this retroactive adjustment is normally sent a few months after the end of the work.

Information: Taxation and Assessment Service - Telephone: (418) 368-2104, extension 8545.

The additional tax notice is commonly called an additional tax account or a complementary account.

Provincial law makes it compulsory to collect property transfer duties (commonly called welcome tax). They are imposed upon a change of owner except in certain exceptions provided for by law.

The calculation is based on the highest value between the transaction amount or the standardized municipal assessment.

The invoice is generally sent to you 2 to 4 months after the transaction is registered with the notary. The deadline may vary depending on the time of year.

The calculation is as follows:

On the edge of the tax base

• which does not exceed $ 51: 700%
• that exceeds $ 51 without exceeding $ 700: 258%
• which exceeds 999 999 999.99: 1.5%

The City of Gaspé adopted on November 5, 2018 a program of access to residential property for young graduates. This program aims to put in place a financial incentive to encourage them to settle in the city of Gaspé and promote access to property.

The financial assistance corresponds to a reimbursement of the land transfer tax of a maximum amount of $ 2.

The people targeted by this regulation are new graduates, aged 18 to 35, buying their first main residence or building land on the territory of the city of Gaspé within 24 months after obtaining their diploma.

For additional information: 418 368-2104 (8545) (Mme Annette Thibault)

The City of Gaspé will charge the cost of banking services for non-honored checks. These fees are $ 20 per returned check.


The request for review is the formal means by which the Municipal Taxation Act allows the municipal taxpayer to intervene to correct a registration on the property assessment roll or the rental value roll, which he judges to be erroneous.

When can you request a review?

1. Request for review following the FILING OF THE ROLE

This is the most common situation in which the taxpayer can intervene, following a new three-year assessment roll. To contest this value, you must file a request for review before May 1 following the entry into force of the roll, which implies that this right can only be exercised once every three years.

2. Request for revision following a MODIFICATION DONE

We can also ask for a review following a modification that the assessor makes to the roll to ensure its updating. These modifications may result, for example, from new construction on the property (shed or garage for example), work carried out on a building with or without a building permit (renovation, restoration, repair) or the demolition of a addiction, etc.

Notified in writing of this (these) modification (s) to the valuation of his property, the taxpayer is at the same time informed of his remedies and of the procedures to be initiated in the event of disagreement. In fact, in addition to detailing the changes made to the property assessment roll, the “Appraiser's certificate and notice of modification to the assessment roll” describes the rights and procedures relating to the request for revision specific to this situation.

For additional information, you can contact the Taxation and Billing Department of the City of Gaspé at (418) 368-2104 # 8545. 

To obtain the forms to fill out to request a review, follow the following links: 

To learn more about your remedies as taxpayers, follow the following link: https://www.mamh.gouv.qc.ca/evaluation-fonciere/evaluation-fonciere-municipale-au-quebec/recours-des-contribuables/ 

Do you own one or more buildings and want to change one or more correspondence addresses? You must send us a written notice containing the following information:

  • Service number (s);
  • Owner's name;
  • Old address;
  • New address;
  • Date and signature.

The notice can be sent by mail, by fax to 418-368-4871 or by email to the following address: annette.thibault@ville.gaspe.qc.ca. You can also come to our offices to submit your request or complete the form below.

Please note that only the owner is authorized to request one or more address changes.

You can complete the following form to change your address: 

Targeted properties

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New correspondence address

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