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Contract management policy

Policy objective

This policy constitutes a contractual management policy establishing measures consistent with those required under section 573.3.1.2 of the Cities and Towns Act (RSQ, c. C-19, hereinafter "LCV") and aims to establish more transparency and better management of municipal contracts within the City.

Thus, the City establishes by this policy measures aimed at:

  • Ensure that any bidder or one of its representatives has not communicated or attempted to communicate, for the purpose of influencing it, with one of the members of a selection committee in relation to a bid request for which he has submitted a submission;
  • Promote compliance with applicable laws which aim to combat bid-rigging;
  • Ensure compliance with the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act (chapter T-11.011) and the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct adopted under the aegis of this law;
  • Prevent acts of intimidation, trading in influence or corruption;
  • Prevent situations of conflict of interest;
  • Prevent any other situation likely to compromise the impartiality and objectivity of the request for quotation process and the management of the resulting contract;
  • Supervise the making of any decision that has the effect of authorizing the modification of a contract.
  • All this in order to promote the transparency of the award of municipal contracts while respecting the rules relating to the award of such contracts provided for in the laws which govern the operation of municipal bodies.

To access the full contractual management policy, you can download it: 

Contract management policy
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