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Contract management regulations

Purpose of the Regulation

The purpose of this by-law is to assure city taxpayers that the sums spent for the purpose of acquiring goods or providing services are in accordance with the following principles:

  1. compliance with legal requirements;
  2. the sound management of public expenditure and the search for the best possible good or service, taking into account the price that the city is willing to pay and the economic market in force at the time of the conclusion of the contract;
  3. respect for the principles of integrity in contract award procedures through the establishment of objective rules;
  4. transparency in the procedures followed which taxpayers can expect from their elected representatives, city management and its employees by setting up understandable rules and allowing accessibility to the results of contract award procedures .

To have access to the Regulation on contractual management, you can download it: 

To obtain the list of contracts awarded or under tender on the SEAO platform, follow the following link: SEAO contracts of the City of Gaspé

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