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Fire department

The City of Gaspé's Fire Protection Department is made up of a director, Mr. Carl Sinnett acting as interim, who must be a firefighter and who is also chief of the southern district, seven barracks chiefs and a hundred part-time firefighters. There is also a team of lifeguards who do forest research and rescue.

To reach the Acting Director of the Fire Protection Service, Mr. Carl Sinnett, you must telephone 418 368-2104, ext. 8551 or write an email to carl.sinnett@ville.gaspe.qc.ca. The address of the fire station is: 148, boulevard de Gaspé.

  • Douglastown Barracks: Mitchell Legresley to replace Richard Matte
  • Rosebridge Barracks: Richard Fortin
  • Gaspé barracks: Carl Sinnett
  • Rivière-au-Renard barracks: Valère Dufresne
  • Barracks of St-Maurice: Serge Minville to replace Mario Tapp
  • Barracks of Cap-des-Rosiers: Anselme Whitty
  • Gaspé Airport Barracks: Carl Sinnett

The main responsibilities of the Fire Protection Directorate are: fire fighting as well as rescues during these events.

The Service may also be responsible, together with the other services concerned, for the fight against disasters, rescue of accident victims, rescue of disaster victims and their emergency evacuation.

As part of their duties, the members of the Management also take part in the assessment of fire, accident or disaster risks, the prevention of these events, the organization of rescue operations and looking for the point of origin, probable causes and circumstances of a fire.

The criteria to become a firefighter are as follows:

  • 1. be over eighteen (18) years of age and have completed secondary III;
  • 2. successfully undergo the aptitude examinations that the City may require;
  • 3. be medically fit to become a member of the Management and have passed the medical or other tests required by the Director in accordance with a list of tests submitted annually to the Board;
  • 4. have no criminal history;
  • 5. have a certificate of good conduct issued by the Sûreté du Québec;
  • 6. reside in the sector of the municipality covered by the barracks where he wishes to integrate;
  • 7. hold or obtain a driver's license within twelve (12) months of being hired to drive any management intervention vehicle, for firefighters eligible to drive intervention vehicles;
  • 8. pass the theoretical and practical aptitude exams as well as the interviews, if applicable.
  • 9. The candidate must undertake to follow the firefighter course 1 within the deadlines provided by law in order to be able to intervene during firefighting situations.

Reservist firefighter

Candidates interested in starting their education and training to become a firefighter can start by being a firefighter. The person must be at least 16 years old.

He can then start to follow the training with the team in place. However, he cannot go to the scene of an accident or fire.

What rescues are carried out by the firefighters of the City of Gaspé?

Rescues throughout the territory of the City of Gaspé (example: body of water, road accident requiring the jaws of life, intervention with dangerous materials, warning in the shade, suicides, violence, intervention in confined spaces, claims, emergencies, forest searches for missing persons, etc.).

Note that the rescue activities are carried out on a voluntary basis by the firefighters of the City of Gaspé.

A working smoke detector can mean the difference between life and death. For your protection, smoke detectors are mandatory on the territory of the City of Gaspé and municipal regulations govern their installation. It is important to periodically check the batteries in your smoke detectors if they are not permanently connected to an electrical circuit.

For more information, contact the nearest fire station.

If you are considering purchasing a fire extinguisher, make sure it has the ABC label. This means that it contains a versatile powder suitable for most fires: those caused by wood, paper and fabric (A), those caused by flammable liquids (B) and electrical appliances (C).

The use of certain pyrotechnics can be done without a permit being necessary provided that they are ignited on private land. On public land, such as a street or a park, you will need to obtain authorization from the Fire Protection Department. These products, which can be obtained on the market without having specific professional skills, bear an inscription classifying them in category 7.2.1. The Federal Ministry of Natural Resources has, however, laid down minimum safety rules for their use. Thus, the place of their launch must measure at least 30 m² and be completely clear, that is to say free of any tree, building, electric pole or other obstacle. Never launch a firework in high winds. For more information, contact the nearest fire station.

Before lighting an open fire, even if it is only a branch fire, call the Fire Protection Department to obtain the required permit. An outdoor fireplace should never be installed within 3 m of a building or combustible material. In addition, its chimney and its hearth must be fitted with a spark arrester.

You can also call the nearest fire station for more information.

Developing an evacuation plan is an important step in preventing panic in the event of a fire. Do emergency evacuation drills with your family regularly. Also make sure everyone understands the importance of getting out of the house immediately when a smoke detector is triggered or when someone shouts "Fire".

If your heating system, whether it is a main system or a backup system, has a chimney, you are invited to have it swept at least once a year and to clean pipes regularly, because the accumulation of creosote is responsible for many fires. For more information, call the nearest fire station. To find the name of chimney sweeps, consult the yellow pages of the telephone directory.

  • Fire is far from fun, but fire safety drills can be. Plan two ways to get out of each room of the house and do evacuation exercises.
  • Thousands of fires are caused each year by the careless use of household appliances in the kitchen. Never allow food to cook or cooking oil to heat unattended.
  • Each year in Canada, almost 1 fires are caused by children having fun with matches or lighters. Matches and lighters should be kept out of the sight of children.
  • The alarm of a smoke alarm warns you to leave the premises. By drawing up an evacuation plan that you put into practice regularly, you will be able to react correctly in the event of a fire.

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