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Street and speed bumb lighting

Street lighting

The Public Works Department is responsible for street lighting throughout the city. To do this, the services of an electrical contractor are required. The latter performs an intervention on the network on average once every three weeks.

The list of street lamps to be repaired is sent to him by the public works department. This list contains the description of the defective lamps reported by the city's taxpayers.

You must report to the Public Works Department, at 368-2104, extension 8508, the lamps that no longer work as well as those that remain permanently on.

In order to facilitate the task of the electrical contractor, we ask taxpayers to identify the device as precisely as possible. To do so, the person must give the identification number of the lamp. This number is located on one side or the other of the box of the device. The numbers are about two inches tall and are easy to read from the ground.

speed bump

Many citizens wish to request a speed bump in order to secure their street. The Public Works Department has established criteria in order to be able to take a decision on these numerous requests. The main criteria used are as follows:

  • Will the speed bump be in front of a public place?
  • Is there a public safety problem?
  • Are the stop signs located more than 300 feet from a public place?

For any request, please contact the Direction des travaux publics.

Last modification on Friday, February 12, 2021