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Description of your role within the CCU

Bank of candidates to sit on the Urban Planning Advisory Committee of the City of Gaspé 

The City of Gaspé is currently looking for residents of Gaspé to sit on the Urban Planning Advisory Committee (CCU) of the City of Gaspé. 

The role of the Urban Planning Advisory Committee of the City of Gaspé is in particular: 

  • make recommendations to the municipal council on matters of urban planning and land use planning (primary mission); 
  • offer the community access to coherent management tools (site planning and architectural integration plan, minor derogation, etc.); 
  • give room for innovation and originality; 
  • allow for a diversity of viewpoints and increase citizen participation; 
  • collaborate in the protection of landscapes, the harmonization of land uses, avoid incompatibilities of use, etc. 

Important to note that the planning advisory committee is an advisory committee to the municipal council; the acceptance or refusal of a project remains the exclusive responsibility of elected municipal officials. The Town of Gaspé's Planning Advisory Committee is made up of two elected municipal officials and seven non-elected members. In addition, certain resource persons assist the committee in their work (Director of Urban Planning, inspectors, planner, etc.) 

 Do you have the harmonious development of your territory at heart? 

  • Do you have experience on a committee and would like to give your opinion on the development of the municipality? 
  • Do you have the collective good of the municipality at heart? 
  • You want a coherent and dynamic development and you are ready to invest yourself in a committee that meets at least once a month, in the evening, for an average duration of one hour and 30 minutes then, 

Fill out the form below to send us your application.

You have until May 31 to send us your letter of interest, then we will analyze the applications received with regard to various criteria of representativeness of the population. 

If you are not selected during the first round of selection, please note that your name will be kept in the bank of candidates for several years and that you may be called upon to sit later, depending on the socio-demographic characteristics to be filled on the committee.

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