The City of Gaspé has experienced rapid growth in its economy in recent years. The demand for workers increases from year to year and the housing vacancy rate is 1,2% for the whole city and almost 0% in Gaspé, downtown. The City of Gaspé therefore obtained permission in December 2019 to grant financial incentives for the construction of rental housing or for the acquisition of properties in certain districts of Gaspé. 

Tax credit for the construction of rental housing
wasted housing tax credits

The City of Gaspé has adopted a by-law allowing it to grant tax credits for the construction of rental housing: 

  • (100%) of the amount of general property taxes due and calculated only on the value of the main building entered on the assessment roll,
  • Tax holiday on aqueduct, sewer and sewage treatment services and for the removal of waste, if applicable, the collection of septic tank sludge, if applicable, maintenance of the technical landfill and integrated waste management, for the main building constructed.

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