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At a special meeting on Monday, July 25, the Municipal Council awarded one of the largest contracts in the history of the City of Gaspé to Construction LFG INC. following a public call for tenders. The contract, worth $15,4 million plus applicable taxes, will make it possible to build a 6,3-kilometre road link between the Augustines industrial park and the port of Sandy-Beach. This road link had become necessary for the transport of 107-meter wind turbine blades which will be produced at the LM Wind Power plant in Gaspé from 2023.

"It's an excellent day for Gaspé, which is awarding one of the largest contracts in its history, which will generate more than $200 million in private investment in its economy and create 225 jobs, in addition to sustaining some 450 other jobs in the renewable energy sector. If we can award this contract today, it is thanks to the collaboration of the Quebec government, which will finance up to $19M for the project, which is estimated in total at between $20M and $22M. It is also thanks to the relentless teamwork of our municipal staff, who were able to carry out all the steps in record time for the construction of this road link,” said the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

The project will have required the acquisition of 40 plots of different lots, including 2 houses. The vast majority was acquired following mutual agreement with the owners. It should be noted that this project was targeted as priority number one in the development plan for the Gaspé industrial-port zone, adopted by the council in July 2018 following consultations spanning two years.

“Beyond the oversized blades that couldn't use the standard road network, looking ahead, the new road link offers several opportunities. First, we will be able to attract other businesses to the Augustines industrial park, the only park in the territory likely to be expanded, and to generate traffic both at the port of Gaspé and on the Gaspésie railway when that -it will be upgraded to Gaspé. Then, it will open up new sectors for residential and commercial development by opening up several lots that will eventually become constructible. The urban planning department will propose rules so that any development can be done harmoniously, by reconciling all the uses of the road link”, specifies the mayor of Gaspé.

The route of the new road link was decided taking into account several criteria:

  • Limitation of route length to minimize costs;
  • Minimal encroachment in wetlands;
  • Design must respect a maximum slope percentage and maximum curve radii so that the convoy of blades can circulate with the least possible constraints;
  • Lowest possible impact on the landscape.

The project has received all the necessary environmental authorizations from the Quebec government. Only authorizations from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada are to be received for a few structures that will pass over small streams. Temporary structures will be installed to respect the federal government's environmental process without delaying the work. 


An information page has been put online to bring together the main information of the project and allow the population to ask questions related to the project. The site already offers several answers to the most frequently asked questions since the beginning of the process. The population is invited to obtain information by visiting the site: https://ville.gaspe.qc.ca/lienroutier .

“This is a major economic project for the municipality, which is entering a new phase of its economic development. Gaspé is positioned as the main pole of wind energy in Quebec and one of the major poles in terms of renewable energy. Our city is already experiencing strong growth and the road link is the cornerstone for the pursuit of this sustainable growth. This project contributes concretely to the global energy transition, where Gaspé is positioned very advantageously and with pride,” concludes the mayor, Daniel Côté.

Remember that the entire road link project represents an investment of between $20M and $22M financed to a maximum of $19M by the Quebec government's Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, via a specific decree this project. This investment will make it possible to materialize private investments of $200M in the expansion of the LM Wind Power plant in Gaspé, to consolidate the 450 current jobs, to create more than 225 new ones, and to ensure its long-term future. .

The Green Brigade, the municipal council of the City of Gaspé and several organizations are joining forces to invite the population of Greater Gaspé to Operation Big Cleanup which will take place on Saturday, May 28, 2022 (postponed to the next day in case of rain) everywhere on the territory of the city of Gaspé! Several new places have been identified to welcome you near your home and thus facilitate the cleaning of your neighborhood. Again this year, several door prizes will be drawn among the participants! GATHERING PLACES IN ALL NEIGHBORHOODS! In order to allow the greatest number of families and committed citizens to participate in the big clean-up operation, several gathering and registration places are available: • Salle de l'âge d'or de Saint- Mauritius • L'Anse-à-Valleau tourist information • Cap-des-Rosiers recreation center • Saint-Majorique community hall • Luc-Germain recreation center in Gaspé • Douglastown community center activity will end at 8:30 p.m. It is possible to show up between 14:00 a.m. and noon to collect the material for the collection of waste. DISTRIBUTION OF TREES AND DOOR PRIZES Again this year, in collaboration with the Gaspésie Forestry Association and the International Appalachian Trail, nearly 8 tree seedlings of 30 different species will be distributed to participants. In addition, many door prizes will be drawn again this year thanks to a monetary contribution from the City of Gaspé and donations from generous sponsors. AN ECO-RESPONSIBLE EVENT Since the event aims to be eco-responsible, we will ask participants to sort recyclable materials and waste. We also ask people to bring a reusable water bottle since a limited quantity will be available on site. We hope for as enthusiastic a participation from the population as in past years! Everyone is welcome!

It is with great pride that the Régie intermunicipale de Transport Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine (RÉGÎM) and the City of Gaspé, in collaboration with five other partner municipalities (Carleton-sur-Mer, Maria, Chandler, Grande -Rivière and the Magdalen Islands) are finalists in the Transport, mobility and accessibility category of the Ovation municipal merit awards from the UMQ. The RÉGÎM intelligent public transport and electrified transport (TCiTé) project aims to develop a range of innovative intelligent and electrified public transport services on a technical and social level for the region.

Ultimately, this project will increase the travel options offered by the RÉGÎM. Customers will therefore be able to benefit from services over the coming months:

  • Car-sharing of electric vehicles (in connection with the SAUVéR project);
  • Carpooling in conjunction with taxi services;
  • Classic carpooling with an electric vehicle.

All of these services are also managed through a MaaS-type mobile application that will bring together different transport service offers.

“I am very proud that our municipal initiatives, carried out this time at a regional level, can shine throughout Quebec. The regionalization of the public transit file in our region has been avant-garde and the RÉGÎM is evolving with the firm intention of improving the efficiency and supply of public transit and sustainable mobility throughout our territory. The TCiTé project is in line with the organization's goal of innovating and thus making public transit, in all its forms, accessible to as many citizens of the region's municipalities as possible," said the Chairman of the Board. of directors of the RÉGÎM and mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

For 17 years, the Ovation municipale merit has been honoring the fruit of the work of Quebec municipalities that have been able to put forward original solutions to optimally meet the needs of their community. This is an opportunity to reward municipalities which, regardless of their size, population or geographical location, have distinguished themselves through their achievements and their efforts to create or develop an activity, program or project with the aim of improve the quality of life of their citizens. These projects serve as a model for other municipalities.

The 26 finalist projects will be presented on May 12 and 13 at the Municipal Innovation Pavilion, as part of the UMQ 2022 Conference, which will allow the jury to complete the evaluation that will determine the winners. The latter will be honored at the gala evening of the Assises, which will be held on May 13 at the Center des congrès de Québec.

The City of Gaspé and its partners enthusiastically present a program of family activities at the heart of which the meeting is again at the rendezvous! The annual pan-Quebec event for the promotion and appreciation of the family, the Quebec Family Week is back in force by offering the population a variety of activities, aimed at all ages throughout the territory from May 11 to 15.

« The City of Gaspé is proud to count on dynamic organizations which, once again, are organizing a highly diversified Quebec Family Week! We are counting on several new families who have settled in Gaspé in recent years to contribute to the development of the municipality and to enjoy our good quality of life. I invite the entire population to participate in large numbers in the activities organized for this occasion! » mentions the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.  

Loyal and active partners for families

Once again, the City of Gaspé has the privilege of collaborating with its loyal partners, including the House of the Parenfant family of Gaspé, Gaspé and Rivière-au-Renard youth centers, Espace Gaspésie-Les Îles, Vision Gaspé-Percé Now, L'Equipage social pediatrics center, Sandy-Beach Neighborhood House and Welcoming service for newcomers to La Côte-de-Gaspé. The involvement of all these partners makes it possible to reach and animate all the communities living in the territory, whether they are French-speaking or English-speaking, young or old, originating from here or newly established in the territory. This program of activities is an opportunity to learn more about the services offered to families, to take part in workshops that help improve day-to-day practices, to discuss with other families, to take an interest in other cultures, to participate in sports and cultural workshops.

The return of the BIG FAMILY DAY!

The Maison de la famille Parenfant, with the involvement of its partners, is once again offering the Great Family Celebration, which will take place Saturday May 14. From 9 a.m., young and old are expected at the Gaspé rest area. Activities for everyone: information kiosks, inflatable games, obstacle course, balance bike, Graffiti workshop, animation of the pump track, make-up, storytelling, cotton candy and many other surprises will be there. In case of rain, the activity will take place at the Pavillon des sports Marcel-Bujold. Welcome everyone!

A current theme: a true Quebec family

In 2022, the Réseau pour un Québec famille invites the public to get involved for families. Over the past two years, they have been tested by a pandemic which has brought to light all the precariousness of the institutions supposed to ensure their well-being and the development of children. Now that the situation allows us to glimpse the future with hope, it is an opportunity to review practices in order to promote change and therefore put families and each of their members at the heart of our priorities. Remember that the Réseau pour un Québec Famille is a non-profit organization bringing together national organizations concerned about the situation of Quebec families and from various sectors: community, municipal, education, health and social services, trade unions.

The complete program of activities is available on the Ville de Gaspé website at: https://ville.gaspe.qc.ca/semaine-quebecoise-familles.

The City of Gaspé today unveiled its financial report for the year 2021. Despite the dragging pandemic and inflation affecting all sectors, the municipality still presented a financial report in the green with a surplus net of $1, to which is added $599 already allocated in the 615 budget, for a total surplus on the books of $1.

The main variances in the 2021 budget forecasts, which amounted to $27,9 million, are attributed in particular to a government contribution received via the MRC of $500 due to the pandemic and unbudgeted assistance of $000 from the Ministère des Transports du Québec to compensate for the lack of revenue at the Michel-Pouliot airport.

The strength of the construction market and the real estate market also had a positive impact on the financial balance sheet, since tax revenues attributed to new constructions and renovations generated nearly $313 additional, while property transfer taxes increased. increased by $000. These deviations from our forecasts reflect the strength of our economy and the real estate market.

The unallocated surpluses as of December 31, 2021 amount to $8,5M, of which $1,75M has been allocated in order to balance the revenues and expenses forecast in the 2022 budget. The unallocated surpluses make it possible to deal with contingencies or to contribute to ad hoc development projects. That of the City of Gaspé is in the average of Quebec cities in terms of dollars per inhabitant.

“A municipality like Gaspé manages critical infrastructure, such as drinking water distribution or wastewater treatment. An unforeseen breakdown on our equipment can represent several hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, municipalities cannot adopt deficit budgets or borrow for current expenditures or agency projects; the surpluses are, in a way, our line of credit. That's why we have to keep an appreciable leeway to intervene quickly. We also want to be flexible and agile in responding to requests for financial assistance for projects led by organizations. For example, in the past year, we have contributed to several projects presented by local organizations, such as a study for the feasibility of artificial snowmaking at Mont-Béchervaise, an FMBM capital project or a community garden project. presented by the Gaspé Disabled Persons' Association" mentioned the Mayor of Gaspé.

“This year's surpluses, generated in particular by the strength of the real estate market and non-recurring government assistance, will enable us to cope with the inflation experienced by several sectors. They will also make it possible to support non-budgeted one-off projects that improve the quality of life in all the neighborhoods of the territory. Despite a return to normal with health measures, inflation, rising interest rates and market uncertainty are still prompting us to be cautious. The good management of public funds and the budgetary leeway allow us to look to the future with optimism,” concludes the Mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

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