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Meeting in public session, the Municipal Council of the City of Gaspé adopted a pilot project aimed at expanding the territory served by the Youth Transport service. This service already serves the North sector of the city and facilitates access for young people to sports facilities such as arenas and the ski centre. Starting next weekend and for the remainder of the winter, service will be expanded to include the addition of stops at Douglastown, Haldimand and York. The pilot project provides a service 1 day out of 2 to start; depending on the response of the population, it could be improved and made permanent. This service allows the population of more outlying areas to have access to public transportation that can bring young people to the Mont-Béchervaise ski center or the arenas and spend the day there.

“The Transports jeunes service is very popular in the North sector, where it was established more than 10 years ago. With the vastness of the municipal territory, the improvement of public transit services and access to our major sports infrastructures are issues on which we wish to work. During consultations on the renewal of the municipal policy for families and seniors, this need was also raised. This pilot project is therefore a response to this need expressed by several families in the territory and responds to our desire to energize, promote and facilitate the occupation of our territory,” said the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.


The Youth Transport service was established more than 10 years ago in Gaspé to allow better access for young people to our major infrastructures such as our arenas and the ski center. It promotes the practice of sport for all young people in the territory, frees up time for parents, promotes public transportation and healthy lifestyles. Shortly after its establishment, it was the recipient of the 2011 Cour de Cœur award from the Network for a Quebec Family.

Due to the health rules in force, young people must register directly on the Ville de Gaspé website at this address: https://ville.gaspe.qc.ca/inscription-activites and wearing a mask is required on the bus.

Meeting in regular session, the municipal council of the City of Gaspé awarded the contract for the realization of the immersive multimedia project of the Capital of maritime fisheries of Quebec to the company Cadabra following a public call for tenders. This project promises to bring strong emotions to the spectators who will be able to transport themselves on a fishing trip on the high seas and thus feel the emotions that fishermen can experience when they face the different elements of nature while carrying out their trade.

"The awarding of this contract marks the official start of this major tourism revitalization project for Quebec's maritime fishing capital in Rivière-au-Renard, on which we have been working for more than 10 years with our community partners, instigators of the project. Developed with the committee behind the project and in collaboration with the Mi'gmaq First Nation, this project will be one of the major points of interest of the future tourist site. It will be a unique experience highlighting modern fisheries and the place they occupy in our capital of maritime fisheries, Rivière-au-Renard,” proudly mentioned the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

The concept will provide visitors with an immersive experience in a cinema-style room where the benches will move and shake to make the waves and the vibrations of the engine felt, where the natural elements will be reproduced with the characteristic mist, rain and smells from the sea. The community of Rivière-au-Renard will be highlighted since it is their reality that will be told. The project will also give pride of place to the Nation of Gespeg as an integral part of the modern fishing industry. The immersive experience project is worth $600. It includes the construction of the hall in the Robin building, recently acquired by the City, the artistic design and the necessary equipment. The room is designed to accommodate about fifteen people at a time.

About the Capital of Maritime Fisheries of Quebec project

The Capital of Maritime Fisheries of Quebec project has been worked in collaboration with the Corporation de développement de Rivière-au-Renard for more than 10 years. It aims to revitalize the center of the village of Rivière-au-Renard by developing a promenade, public squares, an observation tower, water games and interpretation on historical and modern fisheries. A second call for tenders for the infrastructure component should be published in the coming weeks.

In addition to the municipal contribution, this project is made possible thanks to a financial contribution from Canada Economic Development, the Quebec Ministry of Tourism, the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation and the MRC de La Côte- de-Gaspé.

The municipal council of the City of Gaspé has officially adopted its 2022 budget, while the municipality must deal with strong economic development paired with strong inflationary pressures and the uncertainty related to the health situation and the emergence of new variants, such as everywhere else on the planet. Thus, taking into account the increase in the tax rate and certain tariffs, the average impact on the tax bill of a house valued at $ 172 (average valuation) will be 600%, i.e. 2,9, $ 61,18, significantly below the annual inflation rate which was 5,2% from November 2020 to November 2021 in Quebec.

“Despite the strong pressure of inflation and the uncertainty related to the health situation, the city council wanted to limit the impact on the wallet of citizens who must also face these challenges. It is therefore a reasonable increase in the tax bill, well below inflation, which will be the effort required of taxpayers for the next year. Several other contract indexations, the increase in aqueduct and water purification costs and the tariff for collecting sludge from septic tanks are other reasons justifying the increase in taxation. Politically, we have also chosen to proceed with a large appropriation of the surplus to balance the budget and avoid a more marked increase in the taxation of taxpayers, ”says the mayor, Daniel Côté.


“Since 2016, 417 more citizens have joined the population of Gaspé, a growth of nearly 3%. With major investments from our main industries, including the LM Wind Power plant, it is expected that the population will continue to grow at a good rate for the next few years. Although this growth brings income, it is also a source of expenses and investments for a municipality. More than 300 housing units (social, houses, chalets and rental housing) have been created over the past 5 years, but our needs are still enormous while the need for rental housing only is estimated at 400 in the short and medium term by an independent firm ” specifies Mr. Côté.

The main expenditure variances for the 2022 budget are insurance costs which have increased by nearly $ 80, the renewal of the residual materials collection contract which has increased by nearly $ 000, the transport of sludge. septic tanks which increased by nearly $ 300, the snow removal contract for new roads which is up by $ 000 and the increase in the Sûreté du Québec's share of $ 55.


The year 2021 will have been a record year in terms of construction, while nearly $ 240 million in construction sites will have been started and / or completed. The previous record (2006) was $ 115M. In addition to the 161 houses, social or private housing that were built, several major projects will have started such as the LM Wind Power site ($ 160M), that of the Maison des senior / e / s de Rivière-au-Renard (30M $), the Service Center of the Ministry of Transport ($ 21M) and other institutional and private projects. While the average for recent years has hovered between $ 30M and $ 50M, 2021 will have been significant on this point, a sign of the exceptional strength of the Gaspé economy. 


Several investments will be coming in the coming years in order to improve and maintain our leisure and transportation offerings and to improve our living environment so that our city is always more attractive for investors and for families. In a situation of labor shortage and with growing companies, it is essential to bet on our attractiveness as an environment: this becomes a basic condition for our development.

“To be attractive, we have to differentiate ourselves, and to differentiate ourselves, we have to invest. Several projects are on the table. Among other things, the Fisheries Capital project will take off in 2022, investments in our airport will continue in order to be fully prepared for the post-pandemic air transport revival and we will continue to pressure governments to adopt programs allowing us to build a new arena or a multisport complex in Gaspé. Welcoming many workers at the end of 2022 to the LM Wind Power plant will also be a major challenge that we are already working on. Finally, the road connecting the port of Gaspé to the Sandy-Beach industrial park will have to be completed in the fall of 2022, another major project for our future development, ”concludes the mayor of Gaspé.

Today, the City of Gaspé is unveiling the main results of the study carried out by Groupe Altus inc. on housing needs in its territory. In order to document the file and provide independent data to the various real estate developers, the City of Gaspé had mandated the specialized firm Groupe Altus.


Despite the construction in the last 5 years of more than 68 private rental units in addition to the start of construction of 12 social housing units in the Petit-Cap sector, the 48 units of the Maison des Aînés de Rivière-au-Renard and the construction of 225 houses or cottages, demand remains high for Gaspé, which has experienced constant economic growth for several years. This growth will reach a new high with the expansion of the LM Wind Power plant scheduled for 2022 and the many other economic projects that are emerging. In addition, since 2016, nearly 151 social housing units have been built in Gaspé and other projects are on the table.

Thus, the study takes into account different hypotheses based on:

  • the numbers provided by our largest employers on job creation;
  • ISQ figures which take into account economic development since 2016;
  • job offers offered on the Vivre en Gaspésie site in the summer of 2021;
  • a rate of 80% of newcomers who will choose rental accommodation when they arrive in Gaspé.

It is possible to estimate the need for in the coming years at an average of 334 units. Optimistic projections put this figure at 400 homes.

“The City of Gaspé now has a clear picture of the rental housing market. Despite record years for residential construction in 2020-2021, the needs are still just as glaring. The start of the construction of 12 social housing units in Petit-Cap, the construction of a seniors' house with 48 places in Rivière-au-Renard, the nearly 70 rental housing units built in recent years have improved things, but with With economic growth accelerating, demand remains high and will remain so for the next few years! The projects attached for the coming years, including the 144 units near Carrefour Gaspé, show that we are on the right track. But for me, the maximum of 400 housing units assessed in the study may well be a minimum with all the projects on the table. This shows that our community is effervescent, attractive and ready to grow, ”says the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.


The study carried out by Groupe Altus inc. also indicates that 73% of the housing stock in Gaspé was built before the 1980s and that 47% of these were 2 bedrooms. The average price of rents also differs depending on the age of the rents. Thus, the average rent for a dwelling built before 1960 was $ 542, excluding any charges, whereas a more recent dwelling, built after 2000, could show an average rent of $ 864. Finally, with construction costs on the rise and the current shortage, new rents built in the last 4 years show a median price of $ 1 for a 150-bedroom unit, according to this study.

“We are aware of the housing shortage problem that is currently rife in the territory. This affects all newcomers and many citizens of the municipality. Despite the many constructions in recent years, we are still in development mode. We are confident that the recent announcements in terms of housing construction will help to absorb part of the demand, on the other hand, we still have room for new major development projects in both social housing and private housing. Promoters who want to help us support this extraordinary growth are welcome! »Says the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

Remember that the City of Gaspé currently has 3 assistance programs in effect on its territory: a tax credit program for the construction of rental housing, a tax credit program for the acquisition of properties in certain neighborhoods and finally a tax credit program for the construction of rental housing. tax credit program for the construction of intergenerational housing. The City of Gaspé also has a housing development assistance policy.

The City of Gaspé and the Le Hauban volunteer center inc. unite their voices to salute the invaluable contribution of all the organizations and volunteers who help to energize our beautiful and large territory. It is under the theme " Thanks to you ! Thank you for coloring our lives! »That the Quebec Volunteer Action Network (RABQ) wishes to underline this 36e edition of the International Volunteer Day.

Whatever their level of involvement, for a few hours per year or on a regular basis, all volunteers help to beautify our community. On this special day, it is essential to thank them for their invaluable contribution.

Every contribution has an impact: the possibilities are as vast as they are varied!

“Volunteers are the basis of the vitality of our villages and our living environments. The City of Gaspé is fortunate to count on hundreds, if not thousands of volunteers, who invest their time in various causes close to their hearts. The City of Gaspé is proud to mark International Volunteer Day and to support organizations in all areas that make the social and community fabric of our community so strong. On behalf of the municipal council, I would like to thank all those who make a difference in their community through their altruism and their talent, ”underlines the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

The City of Gaspé and the Le Hauban volunteer center inc. would like to underline the scope of all implications, whether long-standing or recent, regular or ad hoc. Each given minute makes a difference for the collective development: for all that, thank you.

There are many reasons for volunteering, whether it's to support a cause, to grow personally or professionally, or for the simple pleasure of helping. The sectors of activity are just as varied: culture, sport, leisure, health, social services, education, the environment, the economy or even the defense of rights are all stimulating fields for the or one who wishes to bring about a positive change in her community. In fact, there are as many forms of volunteering as there are people who want to get involved!

Whether you give a few minutes, a few hours or a few days of your time each year, regardless of your age, living environment or individual aspirations: volunteering benefits everyone.

Concrete benefits to highlight

Since 2019, the City of Gaspé and the Volunteer Action Center have worked together to support and promote volunteer efforts within the community. The City of Gaspé has the mandate to offer accompaniment, support and recognition to cultural, sports and community organizations working on its territory - organizations whose mission is essentially based on the work of countless volunteers. The Le Hauban Volunteer Action Center, for its part, has the particular mission of supporting volunteer teams in terms of recruitment, supervision, monitoring and recognition. The two authorities are united in order to concretely shine the impact of all the small and large actions taken voluntarily.

The City of Gaspé and the Volunteer Action Center are currently working on developing a communication plan to highlight the importance of the human bond which is at the heart of volunteer action. The population is therefore invited to share examples of inspiring individuals and organizations; positive stories from volunteering can be submitted to loisirs@ville.gaspe.qc.ca. These authentic references will reflect the vibrant dynamism at the heart of the communities on the territory of the Town of Gaspé.  

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