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The City of Gaspé announces to the population that a new air carrier will serve the Michel Pouliot de Gaspé airport as of May 31, 2021. In fact, Pal Airlines today confirmed the expansion of its network in Eastern Canada , with new destinations in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Ontario, including Gaspé. 

“Welcoming a new carrier for the Gaspé airport will benefit all of the customers on the Gaspé tip. The choice of Gaspé by the carrier, in addition to the presence of Pascan aviation, confirms the strategic role of our airport and our market for the region of Eastern Quebec. The investments of more than $ 9M made over the past few years to enlarge our runway and modernize our approach equipment could allow the future development of our airport, in an extremely favorable economic context in Gaspé despite the pandemic that is hitting us ”mentions the Mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté. 

Gaspé is positioning itself as a staple in the revival of air transport, which will occur sooner or later when the pandemic is under control. The population, business people and tourists will be able to benefit from an improved service offering despite Air Canada's withdrawal from regional markets, ”said Mayor Côté. 

About Pal Airlines 

“PAL Airlines is a well-established regional airline with over 40 years of experience in passenger air transportation services in Eastern Canada and Quebec.     

We understand that giving people the ability to move between regions reliably and efficiently is critical to ensuring speedy recovery from the pandemic. We present our new schedule with this in mind, taking advantage of our flexibility to respond quickly to market demand while ensuring connectivity for our passengers.  

By tabling this new schedule, we are committed to working in collaboration with national carriers and other industry partners to set up sustainable air services that meet the needs of the communities we serve ”says Tommy Desfossés, Director of Development of Business and Sales.  

About Michel Pouliot de Gaspé Airport 

Michel Pouliot Airport is a certified municipal airport and receives commercial passenger transport aircraft with more than 3000 movements (take-offs or landings) annually. Located just a few kilometers from the Augustines and Sandy-Beach industrial parks and downtown Gaspé, Michel Pouliot Airport is a hub that welcomed more than 21 passengers annually before the COVID-000 pandemic. 

The City of Gaspé offers its most sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of the former Member of Parliament for Gaspé, Mr. Guy Lelièvre, who died yesterday following a long illness.

“On behalf of the council and the municipal team of the City of Gaspé, I would like to offer our condolences to the spouse, family and loved ones of Mr. Guy Lelièvre. As the Member of Parliament for Gaspé for nearly 15 years, from 1994 to 2008, he helped carry out numerous projects that will shine on the Town of Gaspé and on the Gaspé for many years. A lawyer by profession, Mr. Lelièvre has made his mark by continually defending people against inequalities and injustices. Alongside Prime Minister Landry, he was also one of the visionaries who contributed to the sustainable establishment of the wind power industry in the region, after the series of economic pitfalls in the Gaspé. We have therefore just lost an important person who will have made his mark on a region he loved so much. As a sign of respect, the Quebec flag will be at half mast at City Hall on the day of his funeral. Our sincere thoughts go out to his wife, family and loved ones, ”said the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

The City of Gaspé and the Gaspé ZIP Committee announce that the public consultation on the reconciliation of uses on the beaches of Gaspé is launched today. As announced a few months ago, and to follow up on the major issues of the summer of 2020, the municipality mandated the Gaspésie ZIP Committee to conduct consultations aimed at gathering the opinions of residents and beach users. as to the management and supervision of uses on them. This consultation follows a series of meetings with various organizations and beach users who were able to testify about the situation in summer 2020, the problems that have emerged and the possible solutions that could be implemented in the short, medium and long. term. At the same time as this process, the authorities of the MRC and the municipality have started discussions with the government of Quebec so that management delegation agreements can be signed, thus authorizing the municipality to regulate the uses on 3 beaches belonging to the government of Quebec. Quebec: Douglastown, Haldimand and Sandy-Beach (Boom Defense).

“We invite citizens to take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire in order to orient the municipality's action priorities to better regulate and supervise the various uses of these magnificent beaches. The problematic situation experienced last year must not happen again. We are in action and the government is at the table with us to transfer legal powers to us in this regard. It remains to be seen how far citizens want us to act. We know that some positions are difficult to reconcile and that the perfect tuning fork is impossible. But we must try to rally the broadest possible consensus. So, the current opportunity is an opportunity for citizens to prioritize actions and express their opinions on the different facets of this complex issue, ”said the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.


The questionnaire developed by the ZIP Committee allows the citizens of Gaspé to express themselves on the way in which we must travel to get to the beaches, the services to be provided there, the awareness-raising actions to be favored, the regulations to be adopted and the management method to be recommended for several beaches located on the territory of Gaspé. Thus, it will be possible for respondents to choose the beach (s) they frequent and then answer a series of questions relevant to each location.

“Although the problems were experienced more acutely on the sandy beaches located on the south side of the municipality, it was all the beaches, including those on the north side, that suffered various problems during the summer of 2020. Also, all the beaches are located in different environments and each of them has its own reality. This is why we have decided to offer the possibility of answering a series of questions for 7 beaches in the territory (Haldimand, Douglastown, Boom Defense (Sandy Beach), Cap-aux-Os, Anse-au-Griffon, Rivière- au-Renard and L'Anse-à-Valleau) ”mentions Daniel Côté.


The survey will be available online at: https://ville.gaspe.qc.ca/consultation-plages from March 9, 2021 to March 21, 2021. It will also be possible for those interested to obtain a paper copy of the questions by sending a request by telephone to 418-368-2104 ext. 8530. However, online responses are preferred for facilitate data analysis.

“Our approach is progressive and adaptable and we do not pretend to solve everything in 2021. But we want to reduce the problems experienced in 2020 and we are making all efforts in this direction, with the orientations that we will dictate to the population. Participation in this consultation is therefore really important to help us guide the next steps in our actions, ”concludes Daniel Côté.

The City of Gaspé adopted during the municipal council of 1er March 2021 a new Municipal Policy for Families and Seniors 2021-2026. This policy is the result of the work of a steering committee bringing together various local and regional partners, who work daily with our young people, our families, our seniors and our people with disabilities. The policy aims to be multigenerational, inclusive and participatory. It will be supported by all the partners who will carry out actions for the benefit of our citizens and our quality of life. Gaspé has chosen to adopt a more concise policy focused on concrete and achievable actions over the next 5 years.


Three main axes guide the actions of the policy: the occupation of the territory, the living environment and social participation which group together themes such as transport, housing, services, security, sport, culture and leisure, the environment, civic engagement and communication. More than 50 actions have been identified and prioritized by the committee and the municipal team.

In the short and medium term, the partners include in particular:

  • Develop an incentive program for the purchase of ecological personal hygiene products (eg: cloth diapers, sanitary napkins) in order to encourage the use of these products and reduce their burial;
  • Carry out an accessibility diagnosis aimed at adapting the city's infrastructure to people with reduced mobility and the elderly;
  • Increase the area covered by the existing Youth Transport routes;
  • Collaborate with partners in the search for housing solutions adapted to the needs of clients in vulnerable situations;
  • Demand more places in childcare services;
  • Improve accessibility to infrastructure for people with reduced mobility and add areas dedicated to seniors.

The mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté, thanks all the partner organizations and the entire municipal team who have contributed to carrying out this policy: “Gaspé is currently experiencing a period of extraordinary economic turmoil. With the new population settling in our territory and our diversifying population, the municipal council is aware that our continued growth depends on our attractiveness in terms of services to families, young people and seniors. This new municipal policy for families and seniors is intended to be concrete and focused on results. It will be an important tool to guide our actions in the coming years, in consultation with our various partners, who are always at the heart of the results that we continuously deliver. "


The municipal councilor of district 5 and appointed responsible for family matters, Mrs. Aline Perry, underlines the commitment of all the partners and of the municipal team in this process: “This policy is the result of remarkable teamwork which took place during the last few months. Despite the context linked to the pandemic, all the partners and the entire municipal team put their shoulders to the wheel to deliver this second municipal policy for families and seniors. I thank all the people who have contributed directly or indirectly to this policy and I am very proud of the result delivered to the population ”

The Municipal Policy for Families and Seniors 2021-2026 is available on the Ville de Gaspé website at the following address: https://ville.gaspe.qc.ca/pmfa. This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of the Family, the Secretariat for Seniors and thanks to the technical support of the Carrefour Action Municipal Famille, now known as Espace muni.

During its last municipal council, the municipal council of the City of Gaspé supported the project submitted by the Sandy-Beach / Haldimand Recreation Committee to develop the pioneers' bike path into a snowshoe, Nordic walking and cycling trail. oversized tires (fat bike) for winter 2021. This new offer of free activities is made possible through a partnership with several private companies as well as other institutional partners.

“I would like to congratulate the committee of volunteers who took the initiative to respond to a need expressed many times by the population to extend the use of the magnificent cycle path between the intermodal station and Haldimand beach. Any citizen initiative carried by local committees receives an attentive ear from the municipal council, which does not hesitate to support them. Due in particular to its immense territory, the municipality relies on the effervescence of its local committees and the dynamism of each neighborhood to offer outdoor activities to the population while supporting them technically and financially ”specifies the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Side.


The project presented to the municipal council is aimed at a wide audience with a concern for intergenerational inclusion. It will offer a groomed trail 8 feet (2,5 meters) wide that will allow the population to practice snowshoeing, walking or biking with oversized tires free of charge (fat bike) on a 10-kilometer trail. Motorized vehicles will not be allowed on the cycle path, except of course those provided for grooming snow after storms. The health measures linked to the pandemic will be respected and we ask the population to respect them, in particular with regard to physical distancing. The track will be accessible from January 30th for fans of these activities.

“We are very proud to be able to present this new offer of activities to our citizens. We would like to thank our partners in this adventure: URLSGIM, SADC, Nolin Vélo, Réfrigération Pro Nord, Chantier naval Forillon and the Town of Gaspé who all financially supported this initiative. We ask people to respect the signs that will be installed and to pay attention to the various health instructions. We hope that this new offer can be maintained for years to come, ”says Sylvain Leblanc, of the Sandy Beach / Haldimand Recreation Committee.

The City of Gaspé encourages the population to take advantage of the great outdoors and to practice outdoor leisure activities in order to counter the negative effects of the situation we have been experiencing since the onset of COVID-19. We also encourage local committees to contact the Leisure and Culture department with their projects to be supported in their realization.

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