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The City of Gaspé thanks the citizens for their participation in the consultative process led since mid-December and which should lead to the deposit of a structuring project of sports complex to the government of Quebec, replacing the current arena of Gaspé and adding a varied sports offer for the population of Grand Gaspé and beyond. The ideas, debates and suggestions received will help the municipal council to make its decisions and the municipal team to submit a project that meets the needs of citizens while respecting the budgetary constraints of a city the size of Gaspé.

“We are very pleased with the participation of people in the online and in-person consultations. Despite the sometimes intense debates around the size of the ice cream, these were done with respect for everyone's opinions and with very relevant arguments on both sides. In addition, we have clearly identified some elements of consensus on the multifunctionality of the infrastructure, its location and the main elements to be found there. We would therefore like to thank the nearly 800 citizens who took their time to give us their opinion and share their expertise with us, ”said the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

Online survey results

The online survey from December 15 to January 17, 2020 was completed by 727 respondents. 79% of respondents practiced a sport and 82% of respondents came from the southern sector of the municipality (Saint-Majorique in Douglastown). In addition, citizens aged between 26 and 59 represented 73% of the respondents.

Location and parking

The location chosen, that is, the grounds behind the CE Pouliot high school, won very broad support (82%), despite the questioning of access, the number of parking spaces required and the replacement of the tennis and soccer fields. are currently installed there. The proximity of schools is one of the criteria allowing the project to be better classified in the program administered by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Ice size

The project proposed for consultation included an Olympic mirror and this subject has been at the center of public discussions since its presentation. The results of the consultation indicate that for 47% of citizens, this is a good choice. For 37%, this is not the right choice, 16% of the population did not know or questioned the proposition. Among those who play hockey and figure skating, 51% of people found that the choice of Olympic ice was not the right one, while 35% approved of this choice; 14% were in questioning mode or did not know. Reading the comments accompanying the online consultation, we also realized that the proponents of North American ice were firm, while several people who said yes to Olympic ice, as well as the undecided ones, expressed reservations about this. choice.

“The results on this subject give us a portrait which indicates a division of the population and the current users of the arena. A proposal to set up a retractable tape system was brought up for consultation and will be analyzed in more detail in order to see all the advantages and disadvantages of this option. The question of the costs linked to the construction of an Olympic skating rink will also be studied before making a decision in this matter ”specifies the mayor.

Finally, several other ideas on the number of changing rooms required and other additional arrangements will also be incorporated into the project. The ideas for the use of the ice surface in summer were also discussed with a preference for the surface transformation of DEK hockey for the summer season, since the municipality intends to continue using the Rivière-au-Renard arena. during the summer, it has received investments of more than $ 2,5M over the past 10 years and is designed to operate in all seasons.

Multifunctional surface and other spaces

The advisory section on the multifunctional surface allowed us to validate the desire of future users to ensure the multisports and multifunctional nature of the infrastructure. In fact, the comments received indicate that the event component, the possibility of training on site for parents expecting their children and the integration of multifunctional surfaces are among the comments received. The possibility of integrating a race track with training stations is very well received by all respondents.


Finally, another consensus emerged following the consultation, namely the acceptance by the respondents of a financial package comprising a proportion of government assistance of 66,6% and a municipal share of 20%, supplemented by sponsorships. private by just over 13%. Thus, 80% of survey respondents found that it was a reasonable investment for a project between $ 15 million and $ 18 million, while only 6% opposed it.

“These results must nevertheless be qualified by taking into account the over-representation of respondents from the southern sector, aged between 26 and 59 years old and practicing a sport. The challenge for the municipal council will be to combine a unifying project, which will make citizens proud, and the ability to pay taxpayers in a city of 15 inhabitants. This project must also be an attractive element that will make Gaspé attractive to families and new workers who will continue to come and settle in our municipality and in our MRC. This is the biggest challenge for municipalities and businesses in our territory, ”concludes the mayor of Gaspé.

The results of the online survey are available here:


In order to compensate for the need, crying out for new daycare spaces, the City of Gaspé, Destination Gaspé, the MRC of Côte-de-Gaspé, the SADC de Gaspé and the CPE Le Voyage de mon Enfance join forces to encourage potential entrepreneurs to open home daycare spaces. In a situation of economic and demographic growth, Gaspé is counting on the arrival of young professionals on its territory, fueling this increased and lasting need for childcare spaces.

To this end, in 2019, Gaspé experienced a population increase totaling nearly 400 new residents, including several young families. This favorable economic situation has given rise to a major problem: a shortage of daycare places and of persons in charge of educational services.

"We are launching this initiative in order to alleviate part of the shortage of child care spaces and to encourage people to take up the challenge of going into business by opening family day care centers. We have grouped together the different programs available for these self-employed workers and the CPE coordinating office will support the candidates. This promotional campaign is part of the larger campaign Gaspé pure pleasure. Permits are now available for the opening of 65 family daycare spaces, this is the fastest way to fill part of the shortage, ”argues the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

A page on the gaspepurplaisir.ca website is dedicated to this campaign. It contains information on the incentives for opening home daycares. A promotional offensive will be deployed today and for the next few weeks on social networks and on traditional media.

At the same time as these steps, Mayor Côté and the Member for Gaspé, Ms. Méganne Perry-Melançon, joined their voices to plead with the Minister of Families, Mr. Mathieu Lacombe, for the allocation of new childcare spaces quickly in order to to resolve the crisis and allow Gaspé to continue its economic boom.

For more information, visit the page https://gaspepurplaisir.ca/vivre-a-gaspe/entreprendre/garderie/

See also the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/destinationgaspe/

The City of Gaspé formalizes the choice of land at the rear of the multi-use building for the construction of a sports complex, including an arena and a multi-sport synthetic surface to replace its current arena, which is very outdated, in addition to using Freon gas which will no longer be allowed from 2022. The City of Gaspé has consulted various sports and school partners over the past few months and has had soil tests and a sketch done of what a plant could look like. building of this size on the land behind the multi-purpose building. All these elements having proved conclusive, we can therefore go ahead with the other steps in the file.

“Today we are launching the launch of this unifying project. We want to have a modern infrastructure that will be able to host regional and provincial level competitions. We also want to maximize its uptime by incorporating as much equipment as possible for the practice of many sports: hockey, figure skating, speed skating, soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, running, training stations, cages. for baseball hitters and golf nets. We want to include as many potential users of this major infrastructure as possible, ”says Mayor Côté.


The mayor's commitment was to consult the population before submitting the project. After having pre-consulted various users and sports clubs, a first extended consultation, via the Internet, is therefore launched. In parallel with this consultation of the population, a consultation of the various sports clubs will also be carried out. Finally, an in-person consultation will take place in mid-January to gather comments from the general population: “We must proceed quickly with the consultation since the government program that can finance the project is open until February 21, 2020. We want move forward with this unifying project as quickly as possible and take advantage of this federal-provincial program, ”says the mayor of Gaspé.


A project of this magnitude is evaluated between $ 15M and $ 18M. The government program provides aid of 66,6%, which would therefore be between $ 10M and $ 12M. The municipal council aims to contribute 20% of the project, an amount between $ 3M and $ 3,6M. Private partners will therefore be asked to make up the difference, in particular by selling the name of the building to one or more partners.

“We are aiming for a major involvement of an entity other than a government entity in order to help the municipality to carry out this promising project for the retention of families and the attraction of new populations. Gaspé is in full economic development and we must continue to invest in our living environment in order to keep our city attractive and competitive with other regional capitals. We believe that this versatile infrastructure meets this need, ”says the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

The population is invited to learn more about the project and to express themselves by visiting the website at the following address: https://ville.gaspe.qc.ca/consultation

The municipal council of the City of Gaspé today adopted the 2020 municipal budget. A budget totaling $ 27,9M, the increase of which is explained in particular by the addition of new summer seasonal positions to better support the many events that take place. hold throughout the territory of Gaspé, by the new assessment roll that will have to be done for the years 2021 to 2023 and by the increase in contractual obligations related to the renewal of the insurance contract, the share for the Sûreté du Quebec, snow removal and waste collection contracts. We must also increase the municipal contribution to the Gaspé Residual Materials Treatment Board in order to deal with the global recycling crisis. Finally, the repayment of long-term investments is also exerting upward pressure. All these new expenses represent more than $ 1,23M. These new expenditures must be offset by budgetary adjustments on the one hand and by a contribution from citizens. The average tax bill for an average home valued at $ 167 will therefore increase by 250% on average to an amount of $ 3,49.

“The municipality's budget being 80% incompressible, when new expenses generated by contracts, such as those of the Sûreté du Québec, snow removal or the collection of residual materials increase, we unfortunately have to pass on some of these. here to taxpayers. If we had passed the new invoices directly on the tax accounts, without making budgetary efforts, the increase would have been more than 6%, which is inconceivable for the city council. Despite everything, the Town of Gaspé still has a very competitive tax bill if we compare ourselves with other similar municipalities, with a residential tax rate of $ 0,92 per $ 100 of assessment, ”says the mayor of Gaspé.


The 2020 budget is also an opportunity to present 3 new initiatives that are announced today to the public. First, the municipal council officially gave its support to move forward with a new multisport complex in Gaspé to replace the current arena. This new complex will be located behind the multipurpose C.-E.-Pouliot, will include new ice and a synthetic surface. This complex will prove to be an important infrastructure to attract new families to the territory. A consultation will also be launched today on this subject.

In addition, from the revenues from the wind fund, a first participatory budget will be launched in 2020 and it will be targeted on environmental initiatives. The citizens and organizations of the municipality will be invited to present initiatives with an environmental flavor (active transportation, healthy lifestyles, local food, etc.) with a maximum value of $ 50. The projects selected will then be submitted to the population who will vote for the project or projects that they wish to see carried out as a priority. The winning project (s) will then be implemented in 000.

Finally, a new entrepreneurship assistance program, also created thanks to wind funds, will be set up in 2020. It will aim to support the takeover of existing businesses and businesses in addition to helping new entrepreneurs to pay their costs. professional fees related to municipal, provincial and federal regulatory requirements. An amount of $ 50 annually is provided for this fund.

“These new initiatives respond to citizen requests that we have been receiving for several years. The city council wanted to go ahead with a participatory budget and we thought to start with a budget dedicated to environmental initiatives. The general population, aged 14 and over, will be able to submit projects. We wanted to make room for young people in this section. We are also proud to adopt a program to pat our current and new entrepreneurs on the back. An amount of $ 50 has therefore been released in a brand new entrepreneurship assistance program, ”says the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.

To consult the documents related to the 2020 budget: https://ville.gaspe.qc.ca/services-municipaux/administration/informations-budgetaires

The City of Gaspé thanks all parliamentarians, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Mrs. Andrée Laforest, the minister responsible for the region, Mrs. Marie-Ève ​​Proulx, as well as the member for Gaspé, sponsor of the project law, Ms. Méganne Perry-Melançon, for their support in the development and progress of Bill 205, An Act respecting the Ville de Gaspé, which will allow the municipality to legally offer incentives over a period of 5 years for the construction of rental housing on the territory of the City of Gaspé and incentives for the acquisition of properties in the territory of district 1 and part of district 3 in order to give an additional breath to these sectors.

“Finally, after several months of work by our municipal team, we obtained the power to act to stimulate the construction of rental housing in the territory of the municipality. In addition, at the request of the municipal council, we have innovated by asking for the power to set up incentives for the purchase of properties in our districts 1 and 3 in order to encourage newcomers to settle in these districts. We will soon make public the exact terms and conditions of the incentives offered when we submit our draft by-law in the coming weeks, ”said the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.


The problem of housing shortage has affected the territory of Gaspé for several years. The last vacancy rate for dwellings was 1,2% in October 2018, thus causing additional difficulty in finding accommodation for newcomers, upward pressure on the price of rents and a brake on the development of our businesses. and industries.

“Gaspé's economic dynamism is hampered by the housing shortage, which contributes to the labor shortage and slows the growth of our main industries. I would like to thank all of the municipality's entrepreneurs for their dynamism which allows Gaspé to be on a unique growth path in Gaspé. The municipality will now have free rein to act on the main obstacle to our development and we hope to see several dozen housing units built over the next few years, ”concludes the mayor of Gaspé, Daniel Côté.