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Public consultation on the reconciliation of beach uses in Gaspé

The consultation process

The City of Gaspé and the Gaspé ZIP Committee announce that the public consultation on the reconciliation of uses on the beaches of Gaspé is launched today. As announced a few months ago, and to follow up on the major issues of the summer of 2020, the municipality mandated the Gaspésie ZIP Committee to conduct consultations aimed at gathering the opinions of residents and beach users. as to the management and supervision of uses on them.

This consultation follows a series of meetings with various organizations and beach users who were able to testify about the situation in summer 2020, the problems that have emerged and the possible solutions that could be implemented in the short, medium and long. term. At the same time as this process, the authorities of the MRC and the municipality have started discussions with the government of Quebec so that management delegation agreements can be signed, thus authorizing the municipality to regulate the uses on 3 beaches belonging to the government of Quebec. Quebec: Douglastown, Haldimand and Sandy-Beach (Boom Defense).

Although the problems were experienced more acutely on the sandy beaches located on the south side of the municipality, it was all the beaches, including those on the north side, that suffered various problems during the summer of 2020. Also , all the beaches are located in different environments and each of them has its own reality. This is why we have decided to offer the possibility of answering a series of questions for 7 beaches in the territory (Haldimand, Douglastown, Boom Defense (Sandy Beach), Cap-aux-Os, Anse-au-Griffon, Rivière- au-Renard and L'Anse-à-Valleau) 

The survey is closed, thanks to the more than 600 people who responded. The results will be unveiled in the coming weeks after an analysis by the Gaspésie ZIP committee.

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