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The City of Gaspé is proud to offer its citizens web access to the graphic matrix of the municipal territory. By clicking on the link below, citizens have access to several public data concerning the real estate properties (land and buildings) listed on the Gaspé territory: size of the land, assessment roll (municipal value of the properties), the name of the owners, the civic address of the property, etc. As this is an innovative tool that is constantly evolving, new functions will become available over time.

Steps to access it

  • 1. You click on the following link: https://www.sigale.ca/Map.aspx?mrc=030
  • 2. You then click on the "taxpayer" tab;
  • 3. A map of the MRC will appear. You then click on the territory of the city of Gaspé;
  • 4. Once the map of Gaspé is open, you can navigate there and do the desired searches using the available tools.


The aerial photos available on the graphic matrix date from 2016.



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