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The request for review is the formal means by which the Municipal Taxation Act allows the municipal taxpayer to intervene to correct a registration on the property assessment roll or the rental value roll, which he judges to be erroneous.

When can you request a review?

1. Request for review following the FILING OF THE ROLE

This is the most common situation in which the taxpayer can intervene, following a new three-year assessment roll. To contest this value, you must file a request for review before May 1 following the entry into force of the roll, which implies that this right can only be exercised once every three years.

2. Request for revision following a MODIFICATION DONE

We can also ask for a review following a modification that the assessor makes to the roll to ensure its updating. These modifications may result, for example, from new construction on the property (shed or garage for example), work carried out on a building with or without a building permit (renovation, restoration, repair) or the demolition of a addiction, etc.

Notified in writing of this (these) modification (s) to the valuation of his property, the taxpayer is at the same time informed of his remedies and of the procedures to be initiated in the event of disagreement. In fact, in addition to detailing the changes made to the property assessment roll, the “Appraiser's certificate and notice of modification to the assessment roll” describes the rights and procedures relating to the request for revision specific to this situation.

For additional information, you can contact the Taxation and Billing Department of the City of Gaspé at (418) 368-2104 # 8545. 

To obtain the forms to fill out to request a review, follow the following links: 

To learn more about your remedies as taxpayers, follow the following link: https://www.mamh.gouv.qc.ca/evaluation-fonciere/evaluation-fonciere-municipale-au-quebec/recours-des-contribuables/ 

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