Management of Residual Materials (Waste)

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Management of Residual Materials (Waste)

In 1998, the government of Québec has adopted the Quebec Residual Materials Management Policy. This policy was then inserted in a regulation setting a recycling objective of 65% of our residual materials by the end of 2008. This objective forces us to review all our waste management methods.

The Town of Gaspé intends to reach it by setting up different means all using the 3R-RD principles, meaning the waste reduction at source, reuse, recycling, beneficiation and safe disposal.

The 3R-RD principle is the basis of the responsible management of residual materials. The waste reduction at the source is the first step of the 3R-RD hierarchy and engages both citizens and businesses. It is simply based on avoiding to generate residual materials and starting to sort recyclable and non-recyclable materials at the source, which means at home.

In order to apply these principles in a concrete manner, the Côté-de-Gaspé RCM has adopted a residual material management plan (RMMP) that sets the policies, direction, objectives and means to meet domestic expectations.

Management of Residual Materials Tools of the Town of Gaspé

The Engineered Landfill

Summer (April 15th 2019 to October 12nd)
  • Monday to friday : 7h à 12h, et de 12h30 à 17h30
  • Saturday : closed
  • Sunday: closed
Winter (January 1st to April 13th and October 15th to December 31st)
  • Monday to friday: 7h30 à 12h, et de 12h30 à 16h
  • Saturday : fermé
  • Sunday : fermé

Téléphone : (418) 368-0565

Adresse : 1050, montée Wakeham

Courriel du coordonnateur à la gestion des matières résiduelles : alain.dunn@ville.gaspe.qc.ca

Écocenter (new)

Summer (April 15th 2019 to October 12nd 2019)
  • Monday to friday : 7h30 à 12h, et de 12h30 à 16h
  • Saturday : 7h à 17h
  • Sunday : fermé
Winter (January 1st to April 13th and December 3 to 31st)
  • Monday, Wednesday, friday : 7h30 à 12h et de 12h30 à 16h
  • Le tuesday, thurdsday, saturday, friday : FERMÉ
Autumn (Octobre 14th to November 29th)

Monday to Friday 7h30 à 12h et de 12h30 à 16h

Management of residual materials coordinator e-mail: Alain Dunn

The Drop-Off Center

Taxpayers can drop the following materials off for free at a drop-off center located at the engineered landfill:

Used motor oils and filters;
Paints, varnishes;
Car batteries;
Household batteries;
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
Hazardous household waste (HSW).
For more information on the operation of the drop-off center: (418) 368-0565

Household Garbage (Waste) Collection

The household garbage collection is done by Le Groupe Bouffard according to two collection schedules: in summertime and wintertime.

In summertime, household garbage is collected one every week and every two weeks in wintertime. Around mid-May, the summertime schedule takes effect and ends around mid-September to be replaced by the wintertime one.

When changing schedule, details are published in local newspapers at least two weeks in advance.

Selective Collection (Recyclable Materials)

The Town of Gaspé operates a sorting center in Grande-Rivière, in collaboration with the Rocher-Percé RCM, to recycle the recycle materials. Given the costs associated with processing these materials, special attention must be given to the volume deposited in the recycling bin.

The recyclable material collection is done by Le Groupe Bouffard every two weeks according to two annual operation calendars: summertime and wintertime.

The schedule change in summertime is done around mid-May and around mid-October for the wintertime one. Changes made to the schedule are published in local newspapers at least two weeks in advance.

The recyclable materials must be deposited inside 360 liters blue bins that citizens can buy in superstores. No other container can be used for this purpose. As such, it is forbidden to alter or to use the bins for any other purpose than the selective collection.


You will find attached a checklist aiming at correctly identifying the materials accepted and non-accepted during selective collection. To get the collection calendar, please look in files section.

For any additional information on the collection times, see the schedule or contact the engineered landfill at (418) 368-0565 or the Public Works management at (418) 368-2104, ext. 8507.

HSW are products that can be classified as toxic, corrosive, flammable or oxidizers.

These products contain chemicals that can cause harm to our environment and health. During and after their use, the dangerous products improperly used or stored become hazardous household waste.

Here are a few examples of HSW:

Acids and ammonia waters;
Fertilizers and pesticides;
Gas and used oils;
Household batteries;
Cleaning and recurring products;
Paints, dyes, varnishes, preservative wood solvents.
Hazardous Household Waste (HSW) Drop-Off
In Gaspé, the engineered landfill drop-off center is located at 1050, montée Wakeham and in Rivière-au-Renard, the Town of Gaspé makes containers available to taxpayers in which they can deposit the following materials for free:

Used oils and filters;
Paints, dyes and varnishes;
Solvents and aerosol products;
Hazardous household waste (HSW);
Compact fluorescent lamps.
Containers are located at 14, rue de l'Entrepôt. It is recommended to call before going on the site to make sure a municipal employee is available.

Rivière-au-Renard Municipal Garage: (418) 368-2104, ext. 8591.

Details about this collection are communicated through local media a few weeks before the beginning of the collection process.

Instructions to follow for the annual deposit or collection of HSW:

Products must be in their original container and identified clearly to ease the process;
One must never mix nor fill the dangerous household residuals since it can produce important chemical reactions or prevent their beneficiation;
The HSW must be brought in leakproof containers. This is a bulk deposit: no container will be handled to users;
Only household dangerous residuals are accepted;
HSW are responsible for 80% of the sanitary landfill contamination;
Never throw away these products with your household waste or down the drain.
For more information on HSW: (418) 368-0565


Composting is a natural process transforming the organic material in one product looking like earth that can be called humus or compost. Composting is an important recycling method. This is an easy and low-cost means to recycle kitchen residues, dead leaves, grass clippings, gardening residues, etc. As such, it is an excellent substitution to chemical fertilizers.

So, do not throw away your precious dead leaves anymore since they are the basis of your compost production.

Here is the non-exhaustive list of materials that can be part of your compost ingredients or not:

Humid and nitrogen-rich materials:

Fruit and vegetable leftovers
Plant and cut flower residues
Cut grass (in small quantities)
Egg shells (calcium)
Dry and carbon-rich materials:

Dead leaves
Pasta, bread, rice
Tea bags (bags included)
Spent coffee (filters included)
Stones, nut shells
Dry hay, twigs


Body fats (cooking fats, oils);
Meat, fish and bone leftovers;
Sick plants;
Feces and pet litter (except for bird litter);
Cut grass recently treated with herbicides or insecticides;
Wood ashes.

Composting reduces the volume of your garbage bag by up to 40%. On the scale of the Town of Gaspé, this may lead to an annual landfill reduction of about 6,000 metric tons, which represents possible annual savings of nearly $500,000.

Aware of the numerous benefits offered by home composting, the Town of Gaspé makes reduced price composters available to taxpayers. These composters, which are worth $80, are sold for the price of $57,50, taxes included.

They can be bought directly at City Hall through the Public Works management.

Moreover, each spring, the Town of Gaspé offers a free training to individuals wishing to be initiated to joys of composting.

The next dates for this training will be published in local newspapers a few weeks before the training.

For more information on the purchase of composters: Public Works Management: (418) 368-2104, ext. 8507. Courriel travaux publics
For more information on composting, please contact Alain Dunn:

Alain Dunn (418) 368-3489

Did you know that each citizen produces annually half a ton of organic waste? By making your own compost, you save on landfill costs and on the purchase of chemical fertilizers or commercial compost.

Collection of Clothes, Furniture, Toys and Other Items

There is a clothing depot on the territory of the Town of Gaspé that is managed by the "Filles d'Isabelle" organization.

It is possible to deposit the following items:

Utensils and pots and pans;
Contact Information:

Basement of the Cathedral
20, rue de la Cathédrale
Phone: (418) 368-1727
Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 9 AM to 4 PM

Bulky Household Waste (Large Items)
The Town of Gaspé collects bulky household waste for free once a year in springtime.

The bulky household waste can be defined as residential waste of large size (home appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc.) that are not usually accepted in the regular waste collection.

The list of accepted or non-accepted objects and schedule will be published in various ads announcing the collection.

It is important to take note of the guidelines appearing in the ads in order to avoid objects being left in place.

Large item collection should not serve as an excuse for a grand spring cleaning.

The objective is to help you carrying bulky waste that is no more usable, recyclable or recoverable!

Since only rechargeable batteries are recyclable, you should get into the right habit of using it.

Collection Points for Used Computer Equipment

The Town of Gaspé now offers collection points to the population for all used computer equipment, televisions, printers, etc.

The containers are located at the Rivière-au-Renard municipal garage and the engineered landfill.

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