Street Lighting and Speed Bumps

Street Lighting

The Public Works management is responsible for the lighting of the streets over the whole territory of the town. To do so, the services of a contractor-electrician are required. The latter plans an action on the network on average once every three weeks.

The list of street lamps to be repaired is given to him or her by the Public Works management. This list contains the descriptions of faulty street lamps reported by taxpayers of the town.

Faulty and continuously lit street lamps must be reported to the Public Works management by phone at (418) 368-2104, ext. 8508.

In order to ease the task of the contractor-electrician, we are asking the taxpayers to identify the street lamps as precisely as possible. To do so, the person must give the identification number of the street lamps. This number is located on either side of the street lamp casing. The numbers are about two inches high and are easy to read from the ground.

Speed Bumps

Many citizens are requesting speed bumps to make the streets safer. The Public Works management has established criteria in order to make decisions on the numerous requests. The main criteria used are the following:

Will the street bump be facing a place of public use?
Is there a public safety issue?
Are the stop signs located at more than 300 feet of the place of public use?
For any speed bump request, please contact the Public Works management.