Information to organizations

The Town of Gaspé has accredited about 200 non-profit organizations on its territory. They work in the areas of sport, outdoor recreation, culture, tourism, community action and local development.

Support to Organizations

Professional Assistance:

Advice and reference;
Support to the organization and structuration;
Volunteer recognition.

Technical Assistance:

Premises and lands lending and renting;
Equipment lending and renting;
Equipment transportation;
Logistic assistance for event organization.

Administrative Assistance:

Publicity, information;
Documentation research;
UMQ insurance programs.

Financial Assistance to Organizations

The Town of Gaspé has two programs to which recognized organizations can submit financial support requests. To know the terms of these programs and submit your request, follow this link: Financial Assistance Programs.

Volunteer Training and Recognition

Volunteer Training

The Recreation and Culture department regularly receives training offers for volunteers from a few organizations. The department then transfers them the information and can also support them in realizing these training events.
Volunteer Recognition

The Town of Gaspé recognized the valuable involvement of volunteers working on its territory and takes advantage of the Municipality Week (first complete week of June) to highlight the work of individuals and organizations in areas such as sport, outdoor recreation, culture and community action. Grants are distributed by means of a draw to the organizations present. The town can also participate in the publication or organization of prices distributed to the organizations and volunteers of its territory. To learn more about the recognition of volunteers, contact us by clicking here.

Municipal Street Closing Policy

You are organizing an event requiring the closing of an entire municipal street or only a part of it? The Recreation and Culture management is responsible for managing the Municipal street closing policy, which defines some guidelines to this effect. Please consult this policy by downloading the file below: You will need to complete the attached form and return it to the Town as indicated.