The Town of Gaspé is proud to offer its citizens a web access to the municipal territory graphic register. By clicking on the link below, citizens have access to several public data about the real estate properties (lands and buildings) surveyed on the Gaspé Territory: dimensions of lands, assessment roll (municipal value of properties), names of owners, street addresses of properties, etc. Since this is a constantly evolving innovative tool, new features will be available over time.

Steps to follow to access the tool

1. Click on the following link: https://www.sigale.ca/Map.aspx?mrc=030
2. Then click on the "CONTRIBUABLE" tab.
3. A map of the RCM will be displayed. Click on the Town of Gaspé Territory.
4. Once the map of Gaspé is shown on the screen, you can browse it and search for the information you are looking for via the available tools.

*It is necessary to use Internet Explorer in order the consult the graphic register.

Throughout the process, you may be requested to install "Silverlight", which is necessary for the register to work on your computer. In that case, please follow the instructions.

The aerial photos available on the graphic register are from 2016.

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