Minor exemption - lot 4 956 429


NOTICE is hereby given that the Town Council, at an ordinary meeting that will be held on Monday July 15, 2019, at 8 pm, will consider the request for minor exemption from the zoning By-Law 1156-11, presented by Mr Luc Verville for the lot 4 956 429, cadastre of Québec.

The nature and consequences of this exemption are the following:

  • the nature of the minor exemption is to increase of 1,32 m the height for an isolated private garage in accordance at the maximal height of 6,50 m required at the article of the zoning By-Law 1156-11.
  • the minor exemption will have for consequence to permit the construction of an isolated private garage with a height of 7,82 m.

During this meeting, the Town Council will hear the interested wishing to be heard on that request.

Given at Gaspé, June 26, 2019.