Minor exemption – 29, rue Jalobert

NOTICE is hereby given that the Town Council, at an ordinary meeting that will be held on Monday November 20, 2023, at 7h30 pm, will consider the request for minor exemption from the zoning By-Law 1156-11, presented by Mr. Bernard Lemieux for a property situated at 29, rue Jalobert.

  • The nature of the minor exemption is to reduce of 0.13 m in the left lateral setback for an isolate private garage compared to the minimum lateral setback of 1.50 m required at the article of zoning By-Law 1156-11.
  • the minor exemption will have for consequence to regularize an isolated private garage having a left lateral setback of 1.37 m.

During this meeting, the Town Council will hear the interested wishing to be heard on that request.

Done at Gaspé, on October 26, 2023

Isabelle Vézina,
Director of legal services and town clerk

Dernière modification le jeudi, 26 octobre 2023